Cauliflower Rice

Years ago I came across a recipe of making rice from vegetables. That seemed like something special, I had to try! Cauliflower rice was the first thing I made, assuming that the familiar "cooked cauliflower" flavor and smell would emerge, but it didn't. The typical taste and smell got lost in the cooking, this was noting like the cooked cauliflower I knew.


And soon I was under the spell of making rice from vegetables!! I experimented with all kinds of herbs and flavors. I made sushi out of it, used it as rice in stews and salads. I soon found out that this rice gives so many dishes that little bit extra and the possibilities are endless!

This simple side dish, suits so many things, the power lies in the simplicity.


  1. When the cauliflower has been cleaned and cut into small parts, then put it in the food processor to make the rice (up to the size of about a grain of rice).
  2. Meanwhile put the wok pan on medium heat, put in the oil and fill with the finely chopped cauliflower, season with salt and pepper, if necessary, and stir regularly.
  3. I find garlic and onion essential in the cauliflower rice (because I'm not a fan of white onions, I often use the red ones). Chop both finely and add.
  4. Wash in the meantime the figs and slice them into little pieces, add them to the wok together with the honey and stir well.
    When the typical cauliflower smell has disappeared (including the taste) the dish is cooked. I usually bake it a little longer.
  5. Garnish with nuts.

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