You got to Wrap it up!

This wrap was created by mixing homemade bone broth with the ingredients I use for pancakes. This resulted in a fantastic pancake/wrap which is very tasty, nutritious and also strong in structure due to the gelatin from the bone broth. 


I actually fell in love with the bone broth wrap right away. The taste is a bit meaty in a savory way and the texture is airy, but yet strong. In addition, it is very nutritious and healthy. The gelatin that a bone broth provides is a seriously underrated superfood in my opinion! It is found in connective tissue, tendons, bones and joints and helps to keep them healthy. In addition, it is also a fantastic nutrient for the intestinal wall. The beneficial minerals, amino acids and antioxidants give a boost to the immune system and help to recover faster after illness. 


I also love hot meat sandwiches and salads. What could be better than bringing two loves together into 1 fantastic versatile dish!? This is how the 'You got to Wrap up' was born.

I hope it will give you the same amount of joy, as it gives me!!