Who am I

Are you curious about the person behind allyouneedishealthyfood.nl? Then keep on reading!

My name is Mandy Krol, I am 39 years old, live in the Netherlands and I have a great passion for honest and healthy food. Every week, in addition to the daily cooking, I spend at least one whole day in the kitchen "and just cook my heart out"!! Cooking and baking with honest, healthy and beautiful ingredients, often local and sometimes even from my own garden :-) fills my heart with so much joy!! 

This passion started gradually a few years ago, because of health problems.
Around 2012 I started experimenting more and more towards cooking without additives. I tasted flavors that I could never have dreamed of, so pure and full, like an explosion in my mouth and above all I was amazed that I could taste so many different ingredients separately, in just one single bite!
Over time I started to read more about pure and raw-cooking and of course I trying out a lot ;-)

I found out that my flow in the kitchen has many similarities with the Paleo cooking style. So I started to dive more into it, bought the necessary cookbooks and found my own style inspired by the wonderful world of Paleo.

Paleo is a certain way of cooking, which I really like. I feel good about using unprocessed food and preparing (almost) everything myself! In this cooking style, no use is made of sugar, gluten, lactose, most legumes, artificial additives, soft-sugar drinks, refined oils and fats and industrially processed meat. 
But still the list of Do's is quite large, for example, most vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish, eggs, fruit, nuts and seeds, oil and fats, such as coconut-avocado-olive oil, but also Ghee. Of course there are plenty of alternatives to use as a sweet. I mainly use honey, coconut blossom sugar, maple syrup and dates. 


Since 2018 I know that I have the autoimmune disease "Sarcoidosis". In addition to inflammation, this disease, in my case, mainly causes extreme fatigue. During the period that I suffered a lot from this autoimmune disease, I noticed how much difference the right nutrition made for me. Now even more, I noticed the benefits of healthy and pure food. Besides joy, it gives more energy, less hunger in between and not feeling overfull after a meal. 

Besides cooking healthy dishes, my heart fills with joy when I make pastry from pure and honest ingredients. I regularly have daydreams, which are filled with the wildest food fantasies. In my thoughts I can already taste the different ingredients and often new dishes are created in these dreamy moments. 

This site started, initially purely for myself, because I wanted to have my recipes online somewhere. That is also a huge challenge for me! I cook with my heart and following standard recipes get sometimes in the way of my own creative process. And I really had to learn to write down which steps I go through in a recipe, the ingredients to use and the time and temperature. A standard base to work from is nice, but my cooking is based on feeling and tasting, which is much more important to me than sticking to a recipe. By using my own compass in cooking, a tasteful creativity is born!
The people around asked more and more often: How do you make this? Or: Can I have the recipe? I'm so happy to share my love and passion for food with the world and give a piece of myself too you throughout my recipes. 

The site will grow more and more within each recipe! 

I would very much like to take you with me, on my loving culinary journey, straight from my heart....