Sweet potato pasta

Sweet potato is one of my favorite ingredients!! This delicious orange root vegetables is so versatile. I love to cook with them every day, I use them in pastries, such as brownies, cakes, ice cream, also in salads, as side dishes, or as a replacement for fries. In this recipe I use the sweet potato as a pasta substitute.

I use about 1 large sweet potato per person, the longer the sweet potato is, the longer the pasta strings will be. This is a very easy and simple dish to make, it's delicious and a great addition to complete a dish.


Keep in mind that the pasta shrinks quite a lot in the pan, but because of it's nutritive nature, that's not a issue.

The salt in the pasta brings out the sweetness. I think the balsamic vinegar gives just the right amount of sour to the pasta, because of the right amount of sour, this creates a very tasty combination, with a perfect balance.

Sweet potato pasta with bacon, chives, avocado and nuts is something I regularly take to work for lunch, it is very tasty and nutritious to eat both cold and warm!


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  1. Peel the sweet potatoes, then use a julienne cutter to cut into strings. There is always some of the sweet patato left (I often use the leftovers for something else, throwing it away is a shame).
  2. Heat the oil in the wok over medium heat, along with the salt. Then add the sweet potato, I flip it with tongs, this way I don't break the pasta strings, of course you can use a spoon of spatula.
  3. When the pasta is allover shiny of the oil, than add a good dash of Balsamic vinegar, the acid also prevents the sweet from the potato from burning quickly. Scoop regularly with your tongs.
  4. After about 10 minutes, the pasta strings will slowly begin to turning a bit darker. It's ready when the pasta is nice, golden brown in color and the sweetness from the potato can be smelled and tasted well.

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