Bone broth wraps

Bone broth wraps, that sounds crazy doesn't it!?  What is that all about? 
This awesome dish is super easy and quick to make. Ideal to fill with a tasty salad, meat or a combination of both. And because of the nutritiousness a good basis to still your appetite.

Once I knew I had a lactose and gluten intolerance, I searched a long time for similar wraps in terms of taste and texture.


Until one day my fridge was overflowed with a stock of bone broth gelatin! What else could I make with all this broth, besides soups, sauces and also stews? Just in cases like this, when I have a massive stock of bone broth, my mind goes wild and I get creative. And the idea came to me to using the gelatin to make a wrap. It seemed crazy to me at first, because how would the taste and texture of the gelatin work in a wrap? But then again, I like cooking in a non-traditional way! The taste, texture and yet the airy structure where a big hit! I felt my enthusiasm increase and so the bone broth wrap was born.


  1. Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, starting with the wet and mix until smooth. If, like me, you like the taste of cheese, you can add nutritional yeast (nobel yeast) flakes to your batter.
  2. Heat up the pancake pan with some oil to medium heat. When the pan is hot, pour a spoonful of batter into the pan and swirl it around. Bake about 5-6 pieces.

Extra information

  • Bone broth gelatin has numerous health benefits, click on the recipe or the blog for more information.
  • If you don't have oat flour, but you do have oat flakes, you can grind them into flour.
  • Nutritional yeast flakes are made from a deactivated yeast. They have a savory taste that is somewhat similar to the taste of Parmesan cheese. It contains several B vitamins and also Folic acid. Nutritional yeast flakes are an ideal addition to a salad, pasta or in these delicious wraps. 


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